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What is Vectus Movie? Vectus Movie (aka DB Movie, aka tVMovie) first started in the mid 2004, and was originally for keeping a database of the movies in my library. It wasn't too much longer however, that Vectus Movie started to grow. It later became a user based website for Team Vectus (hence the name Vectus Movie). Members could now add movies and write reviews for them. In early 2006 I decided to take Vectus Movie public, to give everyone access to write reviews, add movies and much more.


Vectus Movie v4.0 is the first release available for everyone. Here you may write reviews, share your thought/opinions about movies and create you own custom lists called My List. To start you off we give you two lists (Wish List and Must See), you can also add up to four custom lists. Vectus Movie also has the ability to analyzes the type of movies you give high reviews on, and from that it can figure out your favorite genres. With Vectus Movie you also have a profile page. Here you can display your favroite movie types, and also tell us in your own words what kind of movies you like to watch. Profile pages can be accessed from the Memberlist page, as well as from any post.

As this is still a project, I love to hear from you guys (any ideas, comments and concerns). You may use the Contact page, to get a hold of me. I constanly try to add new features to the website from brainstorms I have, but if there's any features that you'd like to see please feel free to let me know. So go ahead and start taking advantage of all that Vectus Movie has to offer. If you haven't yet-joined what are you waiting for? Jump on in!

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